3.3.1 Contracting

Nexeon provides Resource Augmentation services to clients who may not be able to forecast their needs for full time technical staff. Nexeon provides quality professionals for temporary IT needs. We have on our staff highly experienced IT professionals with the most sought after skills as well as those who posses rare skills. We also employ an unique and effective recruiting strategy, which has the capability to reach not only the national resource pool but also the international resource pool of IT talent. By using our sophisticated and finely tuned requirement-to-resource matching procedure, we provide our clients with IT professionals who match their needs in the most cost-effective way.

We guarantee to provide highly skilled, experienced, certified professionals at a lower cost than our competitors. Our Price-to-Performance ratio is un-paralleled in comparison to others in the industry. We stand a class apart from our competitors by providing our clients with a web-based candidate selection process and audio recordings of the preliminary interview that offer convenience and efficiency in the screening process. We approach our clients with an integrated team concept; this eliminates the confusion, duplication, delay and expense associated with having to deal with multiple suppliers.

To corroborate our guarantee we offer our Services for a free trial period. Our commitment and dedication is the reason why many of our clients prefer to use our services exclusively for their IT Resource Augmentation needs by making us their Preferred Vendor.

3.3.2 Contract-to-Hire Option

In our Contract-to-Hire Services, clients utilize the candidate as a Contractor/Consultant through our organization for a desired period of time. They may then decide to hire the candidate depending upon his or her skills and abilities or based on the staffing needs at that point of time.

3.3.3 Staff Out-Sourcing (PEO) Services

For long-term, non-permanent staffing needs, we offer our Staff Out-Sourcing Service. In this scenario, the employees work exclusively for a client as if they were that client's employees. We act as an extended HR department in managing these employees. This procedure helps reduce or eliminate many of the responsibilities, liabilities, costs and overheads associated with hiring, training and retaining full-time employees.

3.3.4 Key benefits for your organization:

Get the right professionals with the right expertise right away.
Save time, money and effort in training and recruiting your staff.
Eliminate the worry about payroll, taxes, liabilities and other overheads.

3.3.5 We provide qualified IT Professionals with the following expertise:

ERP (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, JD Edwards) implementers (both functional & technical)
Database Administrators (Oracle, DB2, Sybase .)
DBMS Developers (Oracle, Sybase, Access, ..)
Network Specialists (Unix, NT, 2000 ..)
Client/Server Application Developers (VB, VC++, Oracle and other application tools)
Web Application Developers (HTML, ASP, Java, EJB .)
Programmers (For all Software Languages)

For more information about our IT Contracting Services, please contact:

Vikas Bhagta
Accounts Manager
Ph: 630-596-0401 Ext 103
Fx: 630-608-4359

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