Nexeon provides HR & Recruiting services to its clients by partnering with them and assisting in satisfying their HR & Recruiting needs. We not only help our clients in identifying their requirements, but also collaborate closely with them in planning, drafting and executing a customized procedure to hire the most talented personnel.

By leveraging our experience and expertise in this process we help our clients hire the right candidates, saving them time and money. We assume responsibility for placing the advertisements, collecting the resumes, electronically documenting them, screening candidates as per the client's criteria, conducting preliminary interviews, performing reference checks, short-listing the right candidates, providing audio interview files and finally presenting the selected candidates to the client's hiring managers.

As we already have the capability and resources to post staffing requirements to a broad range of media networks, i.e., job search engines, print media, etc., we can offer the benefits of these resources at no additional cost. We can also assist with any necessary post-hiring procedures. (i.e., drug screening, background checks, Immigration process, etc.)

We possess the capability, resources, and IT industry expertise to meet the needs of our clients, no matter what the range and combination of required skills and experience.

3.4.1 Key Benefits:

Professional, proactive and managed hiring process.
Broader exposure for the specific requirement.
Save time, money and effort by out-sourcing this task to us.
Risk free hiring process.
Post-Hire support.

3.4.2 We can assist in hiring the candidate for the following IT positions:

Application and web developers.
Database administrators.
Application implementation specialists.
Junior and senior project managers.
Chief Information Officers.

For more information about our IT Contracting Services, please contact:

Vikas Bhagta
Accounts Manager
Ph: 630-596-0401 Ext 103
Fx: 630-608-4359

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