Onsite/Offshore Delivery Model…Cost Savings of 15% to 60%…Customized Solution… Flexible ... Guaranteed Service Levels...

Nexeon's Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) service delivers responsive, high-quality 24 X 7 support for your applications, systems, and infrastructure. Our ADM Service can reduce your IT maintenance costs and increase the overall reliability, accessibility, performance, and effectiveness of your applications through our onsite and offshore delivery models - - that enables you to gain the full business value from your technology investment.

3.2.1 Key Benefits For Your Organization

§ 15% to 60% reduction in your application development & maintenance costs
§ Predictable and scalable support costs
§ Improved reliability, availability and performance of the infrastructure, operations, applications and interfaces
§ Guaranteed service levels
§ On-demand availability to highly skilled functional and technical specialists
§ Transition of key personnel to priority initiatives
§ 24 X 7 support

3.2.2 Technology Areas

We offer customers access to highly experienced and qualified functional and technical professionals to support SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and web applications. We can offer support services for other technology areas such as legacy mainframe systems and custom applications on a case-by-case basis. Our ADM service includes:

§ Post-implementation support
§ Ongoing optimization services
§ Performance tuning and metrics reporting
§ 24 X 7 Help Desk support
§ Problem resolution and knowledge management
§ New custom development support
§ Software release management
§ Bugs and patch fixing
§ Testing
§ Reports
§ Business enhancements

Through our ADM Service, you will have dedicated access to the support that you need to keep critical applications, systems and infrastructure stable, current and optimized. Our flexible, individualized support approach means that we are able to respond quickly to your company's specific support requirements. Through our support portals, your users will have instant answers to "how to" questions, technical problems and documentation needs.

For more information about our APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT & MAINTENANCE Services, please contact:

Prasad Karcherla
Practice Director
Ph: 630-596-0401 Ext 101
Fx: 630-608-4359

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