Nexeon is a company built by its employees and for its employees. Nexeon International Corporation offers you a challenging and exciting career path that helps you learn, enjoy and contribute. At Nexeon we firmly believe that it is diligence, hard work, quality and commitment of our employees, which play a critical role in our progress towards achieving our goals and objectives. Reasons enough to ensure that our employees get the best.

We truly believe in providing an atmosphere, which you can feel at home and also learn as you grow. To maintain enthusiasm and competitiveness among our employees we try to guide them to develop their career paths and assist them to move in the direction they desire. Ethics, excellence and commitment are issues that are sacrosanct to our company and you are welcome aboard if you can prove yourself in all these aspects.

With our strategic program we are able to attract sharp, forward thinking software professionals who have the creativity and have the aspirations to grow big. We believe that Excellence is a journey and not just a destination and so we constantly strive forward to build the best company of its kind in the Industry, unrivaled by expertise & performance. We match our employees with career opportunities that are right for them. Our employees enjoy placement in challenging and rewarding positions with top-notch companies. We’ve built a culture that’s all about empowering our people. Giving you the best opportunities, the ability to achieve balance in your life and removing the bonds that are holding you back.

At Nexeon, we help our employees to explore different opportunities and mould their Dreams into realities.

5.1 Compensation

By developing a structure, systems and a workplace culture that provides challenging jobs, rewards performance and delivers opportunities continuously, Nexeon is striving to get the best out of its most valuable asset — its people. Powering that quest is an entire range of human resource initiatives aimed at realizing the potential of and, consequently, maximizing the returns from its employees.

Our compensation philosophy is entirely different from other firms. We believe in open compensation system . We also believe in the philosophy of paying our employees competitively according to their performance and also on the basis of the income generated by them. In this way they get rewarded for their hard work

We believe that your success is our success and therefore we are proud to say that, we are committed to your success.

An excellent salary and bonus package is just the start with a Nexeon career. Medical, dental, top-of-the-market salaries, add to that regular performance bonuses, with incentives and you’ve got a career that continually rewards your effort. There’s nothing more important to our success than our employees and we prove it everyday.

5.2 Partner-Of-Practice Program

If you are dynamic and entrepreneurial you can take advantage of our Partner-of-practice program by which you are entitled to share the profit of the company. This program is something similar to becoming a Partner in a large consulting firm after 15 or more years. But at Nexeon you can become one whenever you want to. At Nexeon change is constant and continuous in order to provide new Business opportunities and Technology challenges to its employees. We introduce different opportunities that are exciting, rewarding and ever changing, which help our employees to grow not only in their professional life but also financially. To learn more about our Partner-0f-Practice and other incentive programs please talk to one of our company representatives.

5.3 Training & Development With ever-changing business needs and Technology, we at Nexeon strive to be ahead of the technology and meet our Clients’ changing needs in order to serve them at our best. In order to accomplish these we understand that our team needs continuous training and development in all the areas concerned. Therefore, at Nexeon we take every effort to keep our team abreast of the latest advances in the industry. We bring our team the advantage of getting trained in the latest technology through our Corporate-training Partners. We constantly guide our team to get the latest training, which not only are in demand by our clients but also help them to grow Career-wise. We aim to take our employee's careers to great new heights, as we believe that they are our most valuable resource.

5.4 Career Path

When you join Nexeon, you’ll become part of a firm that has made it its business to create an environment that motivated people who want to join—and where they want to stay. If you're serious about accelerating your own growth and success, here are just a few of the reasons as to why you should consider Nexeon.

We recognize that your contributions drive our success—so we’re ready to help you take your career to the next level in a culture that allows you to grow and succeed.

We’ll help you follow the career path that plays to your strengths, and that you can feel good about. You’ll be encouraged to develop, and you’ll be supported with continuous learning, award-winning technology tools and valuable knowledge resources.

We’ll also help you find ways to sustain the flexibility that makes broader success possible by achieving professional goals, while enjoying your life outside of work.

Work is satisfying when you're part of a community of committed, talented colleagues who care about quality, about doing what’s right, and about one another.

5.5 Why Us:

We are right company by size and infrastructure where you not only will be treated as important person but also have lot of room and support for you to grow in your career with us. So you will have all that you wish for from us. Plus through out your tenure with us we will constantly provide you with both Career and Legal guidance, help and support so that you don’t have to worry about that ever and just focus on your Career and your Family which matter most to you.

5.6 Advantages:

Best-Take-Home Compensation We offer the Best–Take-Home compensation in the industry both in Hourly and Salary Compensation Models; In the past we have offered people anywhere from 20% - 100% higher overall pay than what they were getting with their previous employer.
Free H1 Sponsorship We sponsor/transfer your H1 at FREE of cost (approx $2300 + legal charges)
Choose the Compensation Model that suits you most You have the flexibility to choose and switch between our different Compensation Models at your own comfort and convenience.
Fast Track H1 & GC Sponsorship Once you qualify, we will sponsor your H1 and/or Green Card in the fastest way possible. We continuously monitor and guide you with your immigration requirements and needs
Career Control and Fast Track Growth Being with us, you have the power to control your own career that fits your lifestyle. You have the liberty & opportunity to make your own career in a very short period of time. Based on your skill, ability, hard work and initiative you can even become Partner with our Company in no time and we will help you achieve that.
Continuous Projects Through our strong client network we regularly procure projects on which you will be working from time to time. You will get to Work on the latest technologies and with the best companies.
Strong and Reputed Consulting Company You will be employed by a reputed IT consulting company, which has been in business since 1998 and with a vast skill, clients and financial strength of multimillion dollar business.
Job Security You get best Job Security in the industry with us without getting worried about getting fired or being subjected to a layoff.
Risk Free Offer We offer you a total risk free option for you. You keep your existing job until we think that opportunity and time is right for you.
Work on the latest technologies Nexeon serves reputable corporations, as well as exciting start-ups that will provide you a wide range of opportunities to work on the latest technologies.
Work with best companies We have projects with some of the Best Companies in US. You can work for a reputed large fortune company or a small but fast-raising start-up company.
Referral Bonus Programs We have highly rewarding residual income Referral Bonus Programs. You may refer your friends or colleagues to earn top $$$$ as Referral Bonus.
Meet or Beat existing Offer If you have an offer from any other company, just call us for complimentary evaluation; we will try to Meet or Beat such offer.
Free Career Counseling & Guidance We, through our expert advisors, constantly provide you with free counseling and guidance related to your Career & Immigration issues.

5.7 Benefits

Nexeon offers its employees top-of-the line benefits and the flexibility to design them to fit their lifestyle.

Health insurance Enroll yourself and your family in our National Coverage Group Health insurance plan.
Dental & Vision insurance Enroll yourself and your family in our Group Dental & Vision insurance plan.
401 Retirement Plans Starting soon
Flexible Vacation Policy Take vacations at your own convenience.

We are constantly in the look out for suggestions for improvement and also get feedback from our employees for any other benefits and services they wish for and try to offer those. So we might add more benefits services, which might be of advantage to our employees in the future. So please keep checking for those in the future.

5.8 Current Job Opportunities

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